Saturday, October 30, 2010

Can You Stand It? Just sayin'.

I haven't written much lately here, because I've been busy with broadcasting a cable sports show, high school football and volleyball, and maintaining my investment/trading blog. But even I can only resist so long.

The Red Sox handled the departure of pitching coach John Farrell with class and dignity. Farrell added a lot to the organization and the Sox had only praise for the new Jays' skipper.

I don't want to boast too much, but I had my prediction of the Giants winning here. Take my word for it. Seeing former Sox Edgar Renteria, Javier Lopez, and Ramon Ramirez having success makes us ask that unwanted question, "how come we can't get guys like that?"

As for the downside, what is local favorite David Ortiz thinking (in this economy) when he talks about not being comfortable in a contract year? Does he think all Sox fans are drinking Four Loko? Presuming the Sox pick up his option, a very reasonable assumption, he'll pocket 12 million dollars. If he could scrape by on a couple of million, then after taxes he could save over five million dollars and be set for life. I guess it's the 'bonfire of the vanities'. Ortiz continues to be productive, whatever his age, in US or Dominican years.

Tim Wakefield receives the prestigious Roberto Clemente community service award. Will that be the crowning achievement of his long Sox career?

Plenty of questions for the Sox in the off season. One has to be, how do you tell players you have no money after you spend over four hundred million to buy an English soccer franchise. No doubt that will mean LISN, the Liverpool Sports Network.

I had the opportunity to meet Sam Kennedy, Sox COO and Executive Vice President. I'm sure he enjoyed being able to announce another ticket increase for a non-playoff team. Maybe the Sox are pounding the table for expanded playoffs. Let's make it the NBA where 16 teams make it. The Sox can achieve post-season competition annually and declare every year a success. Think I have to throw up in my mouth on that one.

Questions? You betcha.

  • Ginger or Maryann? Papelbon or Bard?
  • Big splash? Ellsbury, Matsuzaka, and Casey Kelly for Adrian Gonzalez?
  • Does Ryan Kalish have an equal or better upside potential to Jacoby?
  • If the Sox aren't serious about V-Mart, then who's it gonna be? Buck, Benji, or Salty?
  • Will Jason Varitek be back as backup catcher?
  • Is Marco Scutaro the healing incumbent or will the productive Jed Lowrie get the shot?
  • Who's in the rebuilt bullpen? 
  • Who's on third? Youkilis after 
  • Beltre's departure? 
So, here's a potential lineup?

LF - Kalish
2B - Pedroia
1B - Gonzalez
DH- Ortiz
3B - Youkilis
RF - Drew
C -  Buck 
CF - Cameron
SS - Lowrie

Just sayin'. Go Giants.