Friday, December 09, 2005

Changing Our Sox and Other Musings

"No progress occurs without change, but not all change is progress." - John Wooden

It would be premature to judge the Red Sox Winter Meeting moves, as trades take time to play out. Sometimes inaction reigns as the best choice, but one thing remains sure: "failure is an orphan but success has many fathers." Should the Sox roster shuffling work, who will take credit, and should it fail, who's the fall guy?

The Red Sox Beckett dilemma reminds me of the wisdom of a greybeard, "is the patient well and worried, or sick and worried?"

My boss is unfair and not that bright. That's always been the problem with being self-employed.

The Celtics haven't beaten San Antonio since January 1997. That streak looks to be continuing.

At least trading Joe Thornton to San Jose made the Sharks better.

Edgar Renteria was the Sox shortstop of the future, but he was blocking the path of Hanley Ramirez, the Sox shortstop of the future. Who is the Red Sox shortstop of the future?

Strength up the middle, rules in checkers, chess, basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. Jason Varitek, no-name shortstop, and no-name centerfielder. Larry must have been out of GM school that day. But he is the "best CEO in baseball." Nothing exceeds having the confidence of your owner.

Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant, paid cash, and seen them ring it up? I almost always pay cash in Chinese restaurants, because I know that if I live long enough, I'll see somebody ring it up. Maybe. As Richard Russell would say, "have you ever seen a Chinese restaurant run by Chinese go bankrupt?"

It's impossible to appreciate the impact of Rodney Harrison until we experience his absence. He got less respect than Dangerfield.

Have you noticed anybody move better without the ball than Richard Hamilton? He's the basketball reincarnation of John Havlicek.

They say Secretariat had a heart fifty percent larger than other horses'. In other words, he had more horsepower.

Will Roger Clemens really hang 'em up this year? So the Sox blew it by not resigning him, but Mo Vaughn didn't earn his money in free agency, did he?

Do the Red Sox lead the league in paramours, or is the news media just digging harder here? Do the Red Sox have any 'secrets' that are actually secrets.

Nancy Kerrigan's agent wasn't content with 10%; he married her and got 100%.

Did Dustin Pedroia do something to tick someone off? The only person not mentioned to play second for the Sox next year was Nellie Fox. Maybe Pedroia will play shortstop.

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