Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dollars, Sense, and Time

Realistically, it looks as though there will be five outfield spots, with four belonging to Ramirez, Crisp, Nixon, and Stern (Rule V continuation). I'm not sure that Stern isn't the most deserving fourth outfielder right now. Which leaves us with the Wily (Coyote) Mo Pena versus Dustin Mohr issue. Pena just arrived for Arroyo, has no options, and isn't going anywhere. Mohr is a major leaguer, and like Tony Graffanino is in baseball limbo. Would Stern be better off playing every day once his Rule V roster time is up? Probably.

Another guy who's the odd man out right now is Craig Hansen. He seemed to be throwing the ball better than some of the 'guaranteed' guys- like Seanez, Riske, and Foulke. If Hansen had the 6 million dollar contract and Foulke a million, I don't think that Hansen would soon be discovering the best pizza places in Pawtucket or North Attleboro. Oh well, there's always the Hellenic Flu or the Red Sox equivalent, as someone's bound to come up lame.

Are there any ANAGRAM candidates on the team? Josh Bard = Job's Hard, catching the knuckler, that is.

Josh Beckett looked 'into' the game today, as tempers flared against the Phillies. First, Jimmy Rollins was getting his goat, and then he got into a shouting match.

Manny hasn't said two words this spring. Maybe he's too much into March Madness, or maybe there hasn't been a less memorable Spring Training. How about those guys from George Mason?

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