Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bash in the Bronx

Does the Law of Averages mean anything after the Sox scored in double digits four consecutive games and the Bombers got whitewashed 16-0 by the Tigers last night? Let's hope not.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, victim of lack of run support recently, faces Red Sox nemesis Andy Pettitte. Among pitchers with at least 120 innings pitched, Matsuzaka (13-10) is 22nd in run support at 5.19 runs/game. The leaders are Verlander, Wang, Beckett, and Pettitte, all with at least 6 3/4 runs per game, with Verlander at a whopping 7.6.

On-base slugging percentage .831 Dustin Pedroia. At .821, Derek Jeter.

Three year splits for Jorge Posada against the Red Sox? .303/.410/.576/.986. That would qualify him as a Sox killer in my book.

Jon Lester pitched well for the Sea Dogs, allowing one run in six innings. If only he could cut down on the bases on balls.

With the off-season acquisition of Julio Lugo, everyone worried about the Red Sox defense. The Sox check in at third in fielding percentage in the AL, with quality work in particular from Coco Crisp and Kevin Youkilis. Is it my imagination or is Crisp throwing better lately. He reached third base from CF the other day.

Win shares aren't updated since the 23rd, but here they are.

Terry Francona doesn't get much credit for the Sox success. Is that fair?

Howard Bryant has a profile on the Sox sensitive and charming slugger, David Ortiz.

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