Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stuff I Just Wonder About

Why does almost every ballplayer have to have some unique brand of facial hair? After awhile, I wonder whether the clean shaven look might actually express more individuality.

For example, as a younger player, struggling to make a major league roster, Youkilis is fairly clean shaven

As an established player, somehow it looks as though Youkilis' face has acquired some furry mammal.

Almost every major leaguer wears batting gloves...but not everyone. I guess the argument must be for more comfort in cold weather, better grip in warm humid weather, and more endorsement opportunities in all weather. Coco Crisp doesn't usually wear batting gloves though, although he's looking a lot like Wally Pipp these days.

Today the radio conversation centered about the role for Mike Lowell next year...In the newspaper, it sounded like John Henry has a warm, fuzzy spot in his heart for Lowell. Does the same pertain for his wallet?

Would you really want A-Rod here? Or wouldn't A-Rod be better suited in the NL?

Is Carlos Pena a possible returnee?

And if you sign another veteran to an extended deal, does that freeze out Jed Lowrie for the foreseeable future? Is Lowrie good enough defensively to play on the left side of the infield in the majors?

I hate talking about the future while we're so enamored about the present, but isn't that what we all do? Did Curt Schilling put his home on the market because he's looking to downsize or know that next year has a different role for him. He can still pitch and win (using the Rick Reuschel/Frank Tanana conversion model) and there are plenty of franchises (Arizona an obvious destination) where his veteran influence would be great.

So Clay Buchholz has a weak shoulder? I don't recall ever having a tired shoulder as a young player, but most glass was safe confronting my pitches in the Intercity League in the mid-70s.

I can't ever recall hitting a lefthanded batter in hundreds of innings from Little League, Babe Ruth, summer leagues, high school, or college. Good control or bad memory? Years ago after a guy had hit a Grand Slam the previous time (not against me), the catcher instructed me to knock him down. I was a young guy and the catcher was a real veteran, so I said okay. The batter (lefthanded) took the first pitch fastball right down the middle. I figured I didn't really have the stomach to throw at batters. Whatever. The next pitch almost took his head off. That's just bad control.

Have you ever seen a Sox team with three guys in the lineup who could run (Ellsbury, Crisp, Lugo)?

Doesn't the AL playoff feel totally wide open? Any team could win. I'd hate to be making odds on this one.

As for the NL, it's schadenfreude for the Mets, who will rank with the '64 Phillies if they blow it. The '78 Sox take a beating, but had an incredible run down the stretch to force the fateful playoff with the Bombers and Bucky $*#&ing Dent.

Billy Rohr, where are you now?

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The Thunder Child said...

I so agree with you about baseball player's facial hair. From "soul patches" to goofy looking Van Dykes, it just looks so pretentious most of the time, and rather silly all the rest of the times. And women are criticized for being slaves to fashion!