Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ping-Pong Santana Style

With Spring Training less than a month away, where does Johan Santana stand? Trade rumors ping-pong around, with Santana a candidate to go to Seattle, New York (Yankees or Mets), and of course, Boston.

Santana's a terrific pitcher, and no doubt soon to cause more inflation than Central Bankers on speed, as he negotiates a long-term contract of staggering proportions...approaching the GDP of Lower Slobovia.

As for our friendly neighbors to the south, the Yankees, they're in, they're out, then in, then out, and now in again. Phil Hughes (talent), Melky Cabrera (OR - overrated), and ABK (any body but Ian Kennedy). Hughes has shown flashes, and Kennedy an undersized right-hander with one major league win. You'd think that the Bombers were offering the sun, the moon, and the stars for their Cy Young winner. More like one of Jupiter's moons, and some comets to be named later.

I don't think that either the Red Sox or the Yankees want Santana as much as they don't want the other to have him. "If I can't have him, then you can't either." It's really the Texas Cheerleader Murder plot done in cellphone and pinstripes.

Yes, we all realize that part of a success minor league system is the development of players for trade. Somehow that feels like the movie 'Alien' where our young are used to nurture future space monsters. Now we don't know whether our'n like Ellsbury, Lester, and so on will do it season after season, and someday earn those fat contracts that we can only fantasize about.

But I hope that when the paint dries on the offseason artistry, that our youth and inexperience have a chance to nurture in baseball's Athens instead of Frostbite Falls. It's not exactly Sophie's Choice for Theo Epstein, but keeping a plethora of bargain youngsters under your control allows for immense flexibility, and allows for high priced mistakes.

"Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement."

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