Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Stuff You Never See, Karma.

Tonight's game has filled the inquisitive mind with trivial thoughts and pictures.

  • Jason Bay had a double off the centerfielder's glove that rolled about SIX FEET along the TOP of the KC wall before leftfielder Ross Gload kept it in the park.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury had TWO hits! And two stolen bases. As they say, you can't steal first base.
  • Mike Lowell just pains the consciousness limping around the bases.
Last night the Sox just couldn't make anything happen against Gil Meche after the first. Tonight the Sox got into the Royals bullpen and exacted a little payback.

Josh Beckett looks a little tired here in the seventh, with his front shoulder flying open, leaving his pitching arm trailing, and causing stuff to go up and away from lefthanders. Voila! Francona sees it, too, and Beckett is gone.

Joba Chamberlain has shoulder pain and needs an MRI and a visit to Dr. James Andrews in Alabama. I wrote to Andrews years ago and got a very comprehensive personal letter back. I was impressed. I'm a believer in karma, and if that's applicable, you have to wonder about the relationship between Chamberlain's inconvenient wildness in the vicinity of Kevin Youkilis' head. I wish him well, as well as professional maturity.

Obviously, I was never a major league pitcher (by miles), but pitched from Little League through Division I in college and in semipro and adult leagues and never came as close to hitting a righthanded batter in the head as Chamberlain has THREE times with Youkilis. And I doubt anyone thinks my control and command came anything close to Chamberlain's. There's NOTHING wrong with pitching inside. Headhunting deserves condemnation whether it's Red Sox or Yankee pitchers. Karma.

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