Monday, February 09, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

Someone leaked Alex Rodriguez sins, and fans are quick to vilify the Yankee third baseman as being a 'user' and cheat. But A-Rod is just one of more than a 100 major leaguers to test positive, and Red Sox players, past or present are almost certain to share guilt of substance abuse.

The Performance-Enhancing Drug (PED) moniker seems designed to sanitize the transgression of violating the spirit of fair play and competition. But in an industry whose revenues and salaries have skyrocketed, cheating simply became engrained.

Speculate on which Sox players might be involved. Privately, I have my suspicions about outperformance and body changes, but that's about it. Would most of us take the health risks of drug abuse for a salary tens or hundreds of times what we now make? Hard to know, but not easy to dismiss out of hand.

Do I feel sorry for Rodriguez because his confidential test results were leaked? Who among us would want anything confidential about us released? Nobody.

Will A-Rod make the Hall of Fame anyway? Unknown. What we can say is that the legend of the greats, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Frank Robinson and others grows with each release of new cheats.

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Dennis said...

Let's not forget that while immoral( so to speak) it was "legal" in base ball to take steroids and play, it was not banned. We need to air out all the Dirty laundry now, and highlight it, get past it. These things are going to trickle out bit by bit anyway.