Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the Sox and Baseball: Random Thoughts

  • Congratulations to the Pedroias, joy into their lives.
  • Peter Gammons correctly noted last year (I think), that a lot of 30-something ballplayers would start to look old (absent PEDs). That prediction has come spot on.
  • What's a pitcher's out pitch? Does he have a swing and miss pitch? Buchholz may have the most swing and miss pitches on the staff.
  • Not to say that Beckett and Lester can't make you miss...
  • If Victor Martinez is the cause of Beckett getting lit up last night, then is the cause of Buchholz pitching well tonight?
  • Maybe Alex Gonzalez doesn't have his old range, but he still looks pretty good out there.
  • Maybe Jason Varitek is VERY banged up. A .505 OPS post All-Star break would bang me up.
  • I keep waiting for Ellsbury to eclipse Tommy Harper's base theft record. Could be getting really close.
  • Alex Rios to the White Sox for nothing...except tons of dough. Maybe Toronto ends up the winner on that deal.
  • Jonathan Papelbon has a career WHIP ratio of 1, and this season 1.31. More important, his career K/BB ratio is over 4, this year under 2.5. Boston, we have a problem.
  • I liked the Daniel Bard that wasn't Craig Hansen better...get well soon Craig.
  • Is Steve Strasbourg worth 15 million? He would have been worth even more to the Sox or Bombers.
  • Great to see Jerry Remy coming back part-time Friday. Be well, RemDawg.
  • That being said, I enjoyed hearing some other voices, too.
  • Some of Viola's anecdotes were precious, including the one about the catcher coming out to the mound for 'face time' on a national TV game.
  • With more back problems, is Tim Wakefield's career approaching life-support?
  • We're disappointed in J.D. Drew. Do you think J.D. is disappointed in us?
  • We don't appreciate what Kevin Youkilis means with his versatility.
  • I'm tired of beanball wars. It's gutless BS.
  • And that doesn't mean the inability to pitch inside.
  • When the first maple bat shatters and impales a player, will MLB do something about it?
  • What about if a fan gets injured seriously from the same?
  • Will the Sox need to restructure the team at 4 positions (2 OF, SS, 3B) next year?
  • Have you seed anything uglier than the Buchholz Baserunning this year?
  • Formula one? Remove the starter with the go-ahead run at the plate. Will Terry bite?
  • Does Francona really have a uniform top under his pullover?
  • Do you all know what "oil can" means? (Beer can)
  • Does anyone still throw the spitter?
  • I feel better when players catch popups with two hands. They do drop them.
  • I really want to see Junichi Tazawa succeed. Please don't have the Red Sox career of Jin Ho Cho...or Brian Rose.
  • Where have you gone John Wasdin?

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Dennis said...

Looking forward to Ortiz breaking the Career DH Homerun record of 269. He's like 4 away.