Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday Well

  • I'm rooting for Dice-K...he's a proud guy and a fierce competitor. A healthy productive Dice gives the Sox a better chance to win the big one.
  • Yankee fans I'm talking to are not showing the bluster and confidence befitting their tradition. In fact, seeds of doubt creep into the Bomber Brains. Has the curse mentality become part of their collective psyche? We can only hope.
  • The MLB stolen base title race comes down to three.
  • Terry Francona's Sox managerial winning percentage? .582. They showed that Sciosia's Angels' record was .555.
  • The former Sox pitcher who is 41st all-time in pitching wins? Jamie Moyer, of course.
  • If Bill Belichick were a baseball manager, who would he be? Really.
  • To what would you attribute the Sox success? Fielding percentage, 5th in AL. ERA, 4th in the AL. Runs scored, 3rd. Balance.
  • I saw an autographed poster recently with Varitek and his two recent no-hit pitchers, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. The others? Derek Lowe and Hideo Nomo, methinks.
  • If an actor were to play "Terry Francona, the Manager", who would it be? Bruce Willis, Dana Carvey?
  • Good soldier? That would be Mike Lowell.
  • Seen anything more painful than watching Tim Wakefield run? Hint. I have a treadmill.
  • Is Sox opponent Vlad Guerrero a Hall of Famer? Over 400 homers, .957 OPS. He'd get my vote.
  • Where did the 'bullpen' get it's name? I'd say that Congress should be the "bull pen". But that's just me.

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