Monday, April 05, 2010

Serious? You Betcha

My broadcasting partner, Ralph Labella, and I have about a hundred years of experience playing, watching, coaching, and more recently broadcasting sports. Yeah, that makes us old.

We believe in preparation, knowing the game, and respecting the game. Just because somebody says something is 'SO', doesn't make it true. And dogma come from the Greek 'dok', to seem good, not to be good.

Photographic evidence that we really 'do' have our own local cable show...just above zero on the 'share'.

Observations on the Sox media:

  • Great to have "The Commissioner", Peter Gammons on the NESN team. Gammons gets fried nationally for being a homer, but I'm not sure that's fair. 
  • Jerry Remy looks good, but not as effervescent as in the days of pumping hot dogs, scoresheets, and his website. 
  • Jim Rice dominates in the clothing department.
  • Don Orsillo does a great job; I still miss Sean McDonough.
  • I'm as guilty as the next guy of using the overused, "run prevention". 

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