Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Brandon Duckworth Era is Here

There is news!

Rumor has it that the Red Sox have signed Brandon Duckworth (Ode to Joy plays). What? Welcome to the Brandon Duckworth era...

Uber-site reports that Adrian Beltre would PREFER to return to the Red Sox. Let's not confuse preference with dollar signs. This would obviously invalidate my Paul Konerko (White Sox) sneaking in the back door theory.

I see the lack of right-handed power depth as the number one issue to be resolved by the Sox this offseason, closely followed by the bullpen.

The Red Sox resigned Jason Varitek today, presumably as some combination of the Beckett-Lackey binky, and for platoon against left-handing pitching. Could the Red Sox ability to throw out runners stealing actually go down? Maybe signing Carl Crawford could help rectify that?

Maybe Sox fans will get an early Christmas present, but I'm not holding my breath.

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