Friday, May 20, 2011


Watching the Red Sox amidst the mercurial season, I have a lot of questions.

  • Has David Ortiz lost a LOT of weight? He looks a lot thinner to me?
  • Is Lester just in a funk? He doesn't seem to have much command of his complementary pitches, especially the once-devastating cutter.
  • Carl Crawford takes a lot of heat, but he's won games with his legs and his bat, although his numbers aren't good. It's about productivity in the end. 
  • Can the Papelbon resurgence be maintained? Getting command of his splitter would be huge. 
  • How many BAD contracts will MLB be prepared to take?
  • Can a guy like Derek Jeter play his way out of a first ballot Hall of Fame vote if he has three bad seasons, or does an icon get a free pass no matter?
  • How does a mediocre player like Jose Bautista become Ted Williams, with a ridiculous OBP over .500 and SLG over .800?
  • I was just going to say Saltalamacchia has been going pretty good. Yard!
  • Marco Scutaro, we barely knew ya.
  • Is the Tribe for real, or is it just scenes from "Major League"?
  • Does any rivalry come close to the Cardinals-Reds now?
  • Is the Matsuzaka (elbow)-Okajima (ineffectiveness) era over?
  • Who would you compare Adrian Gonzalez to offensively? I don't remember anyone who hits as much to the opposite field. Roberto Clemente?
  • Who would have thought? Matt Albers. 
  • The "fog game" the other night reminded me of Oil Can Boyd in Cleveland. "They shouldn't build a ballpark next to the ocean."
  • Last night we had the 7-2 forceout. Don't expect to see that for awhile. Like for-ever.
  • It's good to see Jerry Remy in the booth, but I thought Zaun had a ton of potential. 

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Anonymous said...

Matt Albers. Grrrr.
How things change in just a few days...