Saturday, July 09, 2011

Success and OPS

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see why the Red Sox are in first place in the AL East.

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They have four players in the top 17 in OPS, and three among the top eight. Kevin Youkilis is underrated in this regard, even with some health struggles lately.

The Sox lead the league in runs (the final common denominator), on base percentage, slugging percentage, and on-base slugging percentage OPS.

Defensively, they have the third fewest errors with 44, just behind Tampa (42) and Chicago (43)...statistically, this isn't significantly different.

On the mound, they have moved up to eighth in ERA (3.94) after a horrendous start and despite the struggles of John Lackey. Of course, omitting Lackey would be like measuring inflation without including food and energy prices. Golly, we do that!

And I'm not wild about trading the restocked farm system for Andre' Ethier either. You think Ellsbury money is growing on trees? Ethier's OPS is .827, not much different from Pedroia's and FAR LOWER than Drew's three year (2008-2010) .874. That's the fact, Jack.

Who do you think has more "black ink" points (league leader) for their career, Derek Jeter or Dustin Pedroia?

  • Carl Yastrzemski 55
  • Wade Boggs 37
  • Jim Rice 33
  • Don Mattingly 23
  • Cal Ripken 19
  • Adrian Gonzalez 16
  • Dwight Evans 15
  • Fred Lynn 15
  • Dustin Pedroia 11
  • Jacoby Ellsbury 7
  • Derek Jeter 6
  • Bobby Murcer 3
  • Carlton Fisk 1

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