Thursday, January 19, 2006

Chump Change

"I'll be back."
- The Terminator

Theo Epstein returns to the Red Sox in a yet unnamed, but full-time capacity. After leaving the appearance of chaos, from the unending saga of Manny Ramirez, to the co-GM fiasco, and the 'strength up the middle' debacle, the organization turned homeward.

Epstein, the Brookline native, New Englander baseball icon, was displaced by the intransigence of Larry Lucchino, who required messianic control over the totality of baseball operations. However, the combination of John Henry's desire to bring his lost sheep back into the fold, and undoubtedly the adverse p.r. spin brought the Sox to punch the escape key and make it right.

What exactly is Epstein's new job? To whom does he report? Where is Larry Lucchino in the chain of command? What becomes of the Janus-like co-general managers? Does Theo have a plan to implement concerning Manny, Wells, shortstop, centerfield, and protection of the farm system?

The Hot Stove finally gets some wood in it. Theo gets some dough, and we're not going to be talking 'Chump Change' in the organization.


the baker's consort said...

So young Hamlet is returning to Elsinore. If memory serves me Act 5 ends with noble corpes piled up like cord wood as the curtain falls. Are the producers of our local Summer Stock capable of furnishing their audience with a contrasting ending?

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