Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Confidence Man

Craig Hansen. Will the real Craig Hansen please stand up? The Colorado Rockies sought Hansen, the highly touted St. John's standout to be included in the proposed trade for Todd Helton. Hansen's supporters point to a ninety-five mile an hour fastball and 'sharp' slider that project him for success as a closer.

And to be fair, he's shown flashes of brilliance amidst stretches of mediocrity. Maybe he's been the victim of seeing eye grounders a la Bob Stanley, but with infield porosity increasing with the Lugo for Gonzalez swap, more strikeouts and fewer groundouts might help.

Or maybe it's just a psychological boost from the freshly married Theo Epstein, something to say, "YOU HAVE VALUE". I wouldn't bet that's it, but it wouldn't be the worst thing. Will Hansen and Delcarmen be able to beat out the competition (Tavarez, Timlin, Donnelly, Romero et al.) for innings or will it be the Pawtucket shuttle?

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