Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sign Francona and a Restaurant Suggestion

It's early spring training at the proverbial Camp Tranquility. Clay Buchholz versus Julian Tavarez doesn't exactly cut it as a quarterback controversy.

How much does Terry Francona mean to the Red Sox? Anybody who can will a pair of World Series and deal with the chucklehead players and media deserves an extension. I'm sure Francona also can recognize that the Sox value both continuity and his ability to 1) communicate with players and 2) incorporate organizational philosophy into game situations. Yes, he's had some good fortune, like Okajima's outperformance and the achievements of the rookies last season. But isn't that where chance favors the prepared mind?

Are you watching the NESN Spring Training coverage? Me neither, at least not yet.

Off the warning track? Like Indian food? I do, but I don't want to go into Cambridge or Boston to get it. There's a relatively new Indian food restaurant in Wakefield (Water Street) named India's Finest and we had a terrific meal there tonight for a reasonable price. Just be careful how spicy you want it...

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