Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Simple Solution. Amnesty or Not?

I didn't watch the testimony of Capitol Hill today. This matter belonged in the province of MLB, an organization apparently too busy coining money to solve a simple problem.

As a lawyer told me once, "This isn't about right or wrong. It is all about money."

If I were Bud Selig (God forbid), this is how I would solve the issue, with a brief and simple solution.

"To all professional baseball players:

We have endured hardship to our integrity and game because of the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs. We must rid our game of this travesty as soon as possible, with a program of both healing and enforcement. All affected players, major and minor league will have seven days effective from the release of this statement to submit a statement acknowledging use of performance enhancing drugs. Submission of a 'previous user' statement results in immediate and total amnesty for any and all use of performance enhancing drugs, with no suspension, fine, or other penalty.

Those found to be in violation of baseball's identified drug policy after this date, or who declined amnesty will forfeit the right to play Major League Baseball should prior or future violations be discovered. Forever. Without exception...after due process substantiating the use."


Bud Selig, Commissioner of Baseball

Of course, this could never happen, because the MLBPA would argue that this is not a negotiated policy, and the Players' Union often appears to have more interest in maintaining the status quo than ridding the sport of performance-enhancing drugs.

Nota bene: I served in the US Navy for ten years, subject to random drug testing.

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Mark Lesses said...

Ron for Commish!