Friday, March 21, 2008

Stand by Your Man

It's hard to get overly worked up about the Red Sox so far, with the biggest controversies being the Mirabelli firing and the players' support for coaches.

Mirabelli deserved credit for his handling of Tim Wakefield over the years. But his skills had atrophied, and the catching position remains an Achilles Heel should Varitek go down. Sentiment usually runs deep with vet cuts, yet Mirabelli never was Troy Brown.

As for the players' boycott threat, one finds it difficult to measure the risk that they took in order to get what they sought. Some people risk everything, and sacrifice much for others (e.g. military personnel and public safety workers). What the players did was thoughtful, but not remarkable. Coaches deserve credit and compensation, and I'm happy for them.

How much weight should be given to Spring Training performances? Not much.

Good-bye to Fort Myers? Rumors have that the Red Sox are disappointed in the community commitment to upgrading the neighborhood, and the Sox could be looking elsewhere...specifically the Cactus League. The Sox had a Scottsdale, AZ heritage, and in the words of Joaquin Andujar, "youneverknow."

Is Jon Lester going to have a breakout season? If he can stay healthy, he mght.

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