Tuesday, March 25, 2008


WYSIWIG...what you see is what you get.

Daisuke Matsuzaka struggled with command early, but somehow got through five innings. The so-called 'power nibbler' style got him in trouble with five walks, and Mark Ellis (homer) looks to be a Red Sox killer in the tradition of Gates Brown and Amos Otis.

The Sox got saved by the most unlikely hero, with rookie Brandon (don't call me Brandy) Moss delivering a ninth inning tater to tie the game with just two outs remaining. Oakland closer Huston (we have a problem) Street got tagged with not just the blown save but the loss.

Manny Ramirez forgot to run out a "milk" double in the tenth that delivered the winning runs. Manny, it's not the Bad News Bears, just run it out. On the other hand better to have something to run out than not.

Rookie Jacoby Ellsbury made a highlight reel catch in the eighth off a smash against Bryan Corey.

All in all, excepting the early morning offering (Breakfast Baseball in Beantown) a very satisfying win.

And can it suck enough to be an Oakland fan, constantly enduring the disposition of your best players for prospects. Jeremy Brown we barely knew ye.

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Anonymous said...

What you see is what I? get.

should be WYSIWYG