Friday, September 05, 2008

Answers I Wanna Know

Blind adherence to data, especially bad data, and you need a checkup from the neck up. Still...

The Red Sox, at least in the history I know, struggle with Texas. Why the difference in 2008? The Rangers still have a potent offense, but okay, their pitching lacks a certain savoir faire.

Where would the Sox be without Coco Crisp, who has well over 300 plate appearances, and has done yeoman work lately?

Is Jacoby Ellsbury finally starting to handle that inside stuff? Do you think he could run back kickoffs for the Patriots?

Jason Varitek looks like a new guy at the plate. Was it just a matter of mean reversion?

Does anybody seriously think the Sox would have played this well with Manny Ramirez on strike?

Will the real Manny Delcarmen please stand up? In his last ten games (prior to tonight) he pitched ten innings allowing 3 hits, 2 runs (both in one game), 7 walks and 11 strikeouts. He can overpower opponents and frustrate fans.

How important is having Josh Beckett back healthy?

So you think winning the division isn't a big deal? You want home advantage and the Central, or a road start in Anaheim?

If you think performance enhancing drugs are no big deal, then why do a lot of "old guys" (35 and up) look like old guys?

Does the various 'striping' of the grass at Fenway ever make you long for 'plain old green grass'?

Do you think DeMarlo Hale has the best 'waving average' of any third base coach in memory? Is their any comparison with Dale Sveum?

Has any player's wife (Justin Masterson's) ever ingratiated Don and Jerry more favorably with cookies?
Did Mike Nagy wear 15 with the same style and flair as Dustin Pedroia?

Does Mark Kotsay remind you of B.J. Surhoff with his energy, ability, and hustle?

How many guys have returned from the designer injury "oblique strain" with a home run in their first at bat?

Coming into tonight, Jason Bay has scored or driven in 189 runs, Manny Ramirez 185. Who would have thought that?

Where would the Sox have been without J.D. Drew's hitting when David Ortiz was out?

Would you believe the Sox are second in the AL in runs scored, behind Texas?

Do you know the Sox are fourth fewest in the AL in errors with 74? Where would they have been without Julio Lugo?

Doesn't Jacoby Ellsbury deserve a Gold Glove for exceptional defense at ALL THREE outfield positions?

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