Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

I saw a fellow wearing a Red Sox "Ramirez 24" jersey the other day. Okay, we like the Sox and maybe even Manny, but if I had a Sox Ramirez jersey, would I wear it, or burn it in effigy? Burn, baby, burn.

Terry Francona has done a great job as Red Sox manager. I'll give him a pass on practically anything, but I'll argue that his decision to bring in an 'unrested' Jonathan Papelbon last night affected TWO games, last night's and tonight's, as now Cinco Ocho is unavailabe tonight. No problemo, Tito.

Jacoby Ellsbury makes another diving catch tonight. Does he time it just right to make these diving catches? We used to call those guys 'shapers' back in the day.

A US Olympic hockey player came over to my house tonight to visit my daughters, and even watch a little of the Sox game. Best news? She brought macadamia nut, white chocolate chip cookies.

If you could have a vanity plate with a Red Sox memory etched in just six characters, what would it be? Maybe SOXWIN.

Jason Bay has made himself a nice niche in left in a short time. Finding corner outfielders with some pop isn't so easy.

I'd like to see J.D. Drew back in right soon. Mark Kotsay's a good short term guy, but he's not Drew. Never thought we'd think that.

How's John Henry's commodity fund enterprise doing while commodities get rich-slapped?

Every day in baseball you see something you never see. Fan interference tonight, although not of the magnitude of Jeff Maier or Steve Bartman.

Sox Win Shares leader? Kevin Youkilis, with DP close second.

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