Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fired Up. Ready to Go.

Well, maybe not so much.

Hey, Theo! Need a fig leaf. Scott '6 percent' Boras informs us that Jason Varitek's asking price is 52 million dollars. Are we talking Zimbabwe dollars or something less evanescent?

The Red Sox have needs (like all teams), and what they don't need is thirty million (three by ten) reasons not to start on a more permanent solution to the catching position.

If Varitek walks, they can turn the draft impact into more young pitching if they need to trade a young pitcher.

As for the Teixeira sweepstakes, I'm willing to wait for Lars Anderson who is coming fast...but of course, the Sox should drive up the price for the Yankees or the Angels, although they tend to be a take it or leave it negotiator. Certainly, the addition of Teixeira would be a great addition, and the Sox have some money coming off the table (Manny, Varitek(?), Schilling), Timlin, Lugo(?)).
As for the return of Derek Lowe, don't hold your breath. Consider the quote from Coyote Ugly, "Because, the average male is walking around with a toddler inside his pants, a two year old right there inside his dockers..."

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Dennis said...

If Boras wants his Client paid in Hong Kong Dollars. I'm fine with it, other wise we should be looking to Trade Texas for Saltamacchia, and Sign Jason to a 2 year deal to train him.