Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hot Stove Still on Cool

Not much to talk about these days in MLB. So, we'll have to go with some randoms...and a non-Sox memorable video.

D-Lowe making the rounds in the Globe today, courtesy of Nick Cafardo. The current Sox rotation is obviously up in the air, pending health concerns and trades. The choices for now?
  • Josh Beckett
  • Jon Lester
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka
  • Justin Masterson
  • Tim Wakefield
  • Michael Bowden
  • Clay Buchholz
If Masterson pitched similar to his level of 2007 (starting), I think it would be reasonable to think he could win twelve games or more. What is the incremental win total for Derek Lowe likely to be for the extra tens of millions? Probably three to five tops.

The Manny Watch. The Boston Globe suggests that Boras might want Teixeira on the Sox, Sabathia and Manny to the Angels, and Lowe to the Yankees to maximize salaries. Apropos of nothing...Did Manny really take the radio out of his expensive car BEFORE he sold it? Well, the guy can really hit.

At least nobody's thinking DP's on the juice.
Peter Gammons wrote about the drive to be great in February 2007 in his ESPN Blog:

He sees the fire that's driven Daisuke Matsuzaka since he was in high school. He sees it in Josh Beckett, embarrassed by a 5.01 ERA as he works on his changeup to move hitters' feet and his two-seamer to alter eye level. Farrell sees it in Jonathan Papelbon, and believes Jon Lester may have the greatest drive of them all.

Nothing great ever gets achieved without enthusiasm.

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