Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Know Your Role?

I'll preface my remarks by saying that I was a very MEDIOCRE Division I baseball pitcher (think Moonlight Graham) and pitched for five years in the Intercity League. That doesn't make me an expert on pitching, but considering that I occasionally got people out with pretty MEDIOCRE stuff...

The old saying goes that hitting is about timing and pitching about disrupting timing. The old Ray Miller adage about working fast, throwing strikes, and changing speeds won't ever go out of style. Blaming the catcher (Saltalamacchia) for Daisuke throwing middle-middle is just...crazy. The Red Sox have tried to remake Matsuzaka, and I'd just let him pitch how he pitches and live with that. GOK that the current situation is untenable.

Let's face it, last night was a disgrace. I don't know how long you go with ineffectiveness. My guess is that with a terrible record, it won't be long before Aceves gets moved into the rotation. Although Tim Wakefield hasn't been great, at least he gives you innings.

If you don't like how the catcher calls the game, then you take it out of his hands and move it to the pitching coach.

Everyone on the Sox is pressing currently, and few players are playing to their potential, even with the small sample size. You don't have to point to Saltalamacchia to find ineffectiveness, as the team has a host of players struggling.

It's not just the Sox. Derek Jeter is .206/.300/.235/.535. I don't hear EVERYONE saying that he's done...just overpaid.

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