Friday, April 15, 2011

Sox Don't Know Jack

The Toronto Blue Jays came into town, with the curse of John (Jack?) Farrell. It was Jackie Robinson Appreciation Day, or a reasonable facsimile.

The Sox couldn't take advantage of a three-run jack (home run) taken away on replay, despite a pair of jacks of their own, a solo shot by the soul of the team, Dustin Pedroia and a two-run blast by Kevin Youkilis.

Quicker than you could say "Jack Robinson", the Jays rallied against Clay Buchholz, struggling with his command, and they hijacked the game against Bobby Jenks, while the home plate umpire couldn't find the strike zone with a Lojack, guide dog, or a white cane. Frankly, Kerwin Dantley looked like he was challenging Pitch-Fx low accuracy records.

Maybe it's the curse of Curt Young or did Matt Young show up instead?

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Anonymous said...

thank god for beckett!