Monday, June 20, 2011

Miller Time

We have the "official voices" saying, "don't get too excited about Andrew Miller, he hasn't been very good in the majors." Thanks for nothing.

If you haven't written for a major newspaper or have your own show, you know nothing. You can't remember Billy Rohr, Bobby Sprowl, Ken Brett, David Clyde, or Brien Taylor. You add nothing to the discussion, because the chosen ones say so.

Baseball, like most endeavors, is the sum of your individual experiences. Nobody writing blogs with a small following could ever express anything worthwhile. Actually, most of us should probably just crawl back into the sorry, dark holes from whence we came.

But some fans, believe it or not, have watched, studied, or maybe even played and had the chance to succeed occasionally and fail more often because of our love of the game. Yes, none of us are going into Cooperstown, but assuredly, most of "Boston's elite" aren't going in either.

Some of us enjoy watching the development of young, untested players. Maybe we see them somehow as closer to us, mere mortals searching for ephemeral greatness or more.

But what do the pundits have for us? "Go away, little ones. You cannot dare to speak, let alone sit at the table." Only they have the wit and wisdom to discern who will succeed, when and where, simply because. On the other hand, we suffer the forlorn childhood of a Jane Eyre, undeserving of the Rochesters of the fourth estate.

You know who you are. Give it a rest.

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Anonymous said...

Let me guess. The little troll, Maz.