Monday, June 06, 2011

Who Deserves an All-Star Berth?

With the season almost forty percent over, which local players and AL players deserve election/selection to the All-Star team?

Recently, we read that SIX New York Yankees led in All-star voting. Well, that's why they call it VOTING, although perhaps ORDAINING would fit. Of course, there is also team distribution to consider...which I'm factoring in.

Catcher: Alex Avila (DET), Russell Martin (NY)
First base: Miguel Cabrera (ANA), Adrian Gonzalez (BOS), Mark Teixeira
Second base: Howie Kendrick, Robinson Cano (vote leader: Cano)
Shortstop: Jhonny Peralta, Asdrubel Cabrera CLE (vote leader: Derek Jeter)
Third base: Kevin Youkilis, A-Rod (A-Rod leads)
Outfield: Jose Bautista (TOR), Matt Joyce (TB), Curtis Granderson, Carlos Quentin (CHI), Mitch Moreland (TEX), Jeff Francoeur (KC)

DH: David Ortiz

BAL  Zach Britton
SEA  Michael Pineda
OAK Gio Gonzalez
MIN  Nick Blackburn
P  Josh Beckett
P  Mariano Rivera
P  Jered Weaver
P  Dan Haren
P  Jose Valverde
P  Kyle Farnsworth
P  CC Sabathia

On the bubble would be Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury, both suffering from team distribution requirements. It certainly looks as though an All-Yankee infield is a real possibility, although neither Jeter nor A-Rod are especially deserving. Jonathan Papelbon has pitched better this year, despite a high ERA, although I don't consider him deserving at this point, all things considered.

As for the MVP and Cy Young Award "leaders" at this point, I'd vote for Jose Bautista and Jered Weaver.

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