Thursday, August 11, 2005

Confessions of a Sox Addict

I love the Sox, but that was bad baseball last night.

If Mike Hargrove were the 'Human Rain Delay', then Doug Brocail is 'Thunderstorm City'. He threw about 200 pitches in 2 innings, most of the strikes fouled off by Manny. Actually, Rangers pitchers threw 192 pitches in just eight innings, including seven walks and a hit batsman.

The umpires managed to get it wrong on the Kapler homerun (hasn't the umpiring been atrocious) and Christopher Nixon must have got tossed for being too into the game.

Actually, finding a lot to complain about concerning the locals recently, as winning covers up a variety of sins like inconsistent relief and defense.

Hey, all those people looking to dump Manny Ramirez, doesn't that look foolish now, as he goes on an AL Player of the Week tear, leads the league in RBI, and his OPS is up to 0.985.

Don't worry, we'll all have something to whine about soon, whether it's the return of Mark Bellhorn, or the Remlinger Factor, or something.

Oh yeah, where's Papelbon, or Lester, and how come Kevin Millar can't hit for power like the rest of AL first basemen?


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