Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Random Thoughts on Last Night's Action

Scott Kazmir, you are a punk. You have a live arm, a reasonable idea, and then you hit Graffanino to start the game. The left-hander's natural corner is the outside to right-handed batters, and you miss two feet inside the other corner. You and Lou deserve each other. Should they abandon the DH in your lifetime, you'll need chain mail to bat.Lou, do you call pitches?

Trot Nixon is looking dead red against Baez, and you oblige. I'm sure you'll be whining about the umpiring (not great), but you blew it. Take responsibility.

Schilling's outing was a tale of two pitchers. The first two innings looked like Night of the Living Dead and the last four were The Terminator. It's amazing what hitting spots can do, even with a bit of squeezage from the umpire and a decent Tampa lineup. Still, there were an awful lot of balls hit out to the track...

Johnny Damon, you've obviously earned the money. I hope that you're willing to stick around for Varitek money.

Olerud must have been something to watch in his prime. He still has that sweet swing that only lefties have.

Welcome back, Kevin Youkilis. I don't usually agree with Pete Sheppard, but you definitely deserve the PT over Kevin Millar.

So, the latest craze is bleached crew cuts? I'm all for it as long as it helps guys play better.

Did anyone else think that 'Shag' Crawford had a rough night in left field last night? He kinda staggered after a couple of flyballs, and always seems to get caught 'in-between' with the wall.

Julio Lugo makes me nervous when he bats. Julio, need an agent?

I don't know about you, but I still have no confidence in Bradford. You don't look like Jason Voorhees out there to me.

It's tough when on August 30th, we're still auditioning for the bullpen.

Keith Foulke is throwing strikes in Lowell. Unfortunately, the Short Season guys are wailing on them.

Yankees lose! Yankees lose! How about that Ichiro, up to 15 dingers.

Is it better to have Oakland or the Los Angeles Angels of California, USA, the Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy in the playoffs? Maybe Shaughnessy can write a column comparing Anaheim and Oakland, 'red, white, and blue versus black and blue, Disney World versus Dizzy World...

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