Monday, November 20, 2006

Today's Eyebrow Raiser

Frank Catalanotto has been a Red Sox killer, and apparently he has signed with the Texas Rangers for about thirteen million dollars for a three-year deal. He is a 'classic' Moneyball player, with good on-base-percentage (.297/.362/.454/.816), generally mediocre defense, and at this point in his career does not run.

His best season he hit .300, and had 83 runs scored, 13 homers, and 59 RBI. Do you want that for your corner outfield, DH, or first baseman? At second base his range factor (in limited appearances) is poor, 2.97 compared to a league average of 4.33.

His similarity scores include Shane Mack, Jay Payton, and Shea Hillenbrand.

Texas is rumored to be one of the teams inquiring about Manny Ramirez (a 10 and 5 man who must agree to any deals), whose value escalates in view of the Soriano deal at 17 million per for a mind-numbing eight years. My friends argue that Texas' chance of EVER winning are hurt by their grueling heat, which wears pitchers down, particularly during the dog days.

All this only goes to show that there aren't even six degrees of separation between anything in baseball and the Red Sox. Why? Because there is no separation between anything baseball and the Sox, the link being 'the Benjamins'.

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