Thursday, November 02, 2006

Uncivil 'Diss-course'

The Internet provides a sense of anonymity, and a forum for many types on uncivil discourse. I value articulate opinions of why players rate where they rate.

Derek Jeter is one of the leading MVP candidates of the league, a proven winner, considered a 'clutch' player by many who believe the 'clutch' performer argument, and handsomely paid by his employer. Should he win the MVP, I would be the first to congratulate him on his merits.

As for declaring him the best defensive shortstop of either this season or his era, the facts simply do not support that argument. Is Jeter a better player than other possible choices, such as Alex Gonzalez? Certainly, he is. And will Jeter enjoy having the Rawlings Gold Glove on his mantle? Undoubtedly. But like Olympic judging, he has won the award this year on subjective not objective merit. However often his fans launch expletives and insults to this observer, I will defend their right to their opinion, and simply point out that "facts are stubborn things."

And, of course, few major leaguers in any sport would trade individual achievement for this season's championship, that no member of either the Red Sox nor the Yankees will enjoy.

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