Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Apocalypse Now?

Signs that the end of the world is at hand -

  • Jason Schmidt gets 47M/3 and writers say "bargain"
  • Ted Lilly gets 40M/4
  • Rangers will pay Zito "whatever it takes"
  • New Orleans Saints lineman banned for asthma medicine (?)
  • Julio Lugo gets 36M/4
  • ROY Hanley Ramirez gets the minimum
  • Carlos Lee can tell Warren Buffett he's a piker
  • Mariners try to dump Beltre and Sexson on Sox for Manny
  • Theo doesn't fall for it
  • Another Boras client pitching to Sox (is that Gag-me or Gagne?)

Well, at least the games won't be lost because of terrible offense very often.

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