Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sawx Tawx and Idle Thoughts

Terry Francona expressed reservation about having to use Jonathan Papelbon as a closer because of stress on his arm. A career in baseball sometimes generates interesting medical opinions, and four years in medical school formulated little 'inside baseball'. By the way, Francona does a great job with these nitwits, tramps, and thieves - the media.

The Bears give coordinator Ron Rivera the go-ahead to talk to the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe they oughta give Rex Grossman the okay, too.

The Celtics lose their 16th game in a row, and Beantown exults. It's all about the ping pong balls. Is Paul Pierce the MVP? Two and twenty-one without the captain. And that Rondo kid can motor, huh?

Curt Schilling has gone back incognito about contracts and politics. I'm sure he'll remind everyone, "it's not about me." He gets a lifetime pass for the bloody sock and the World Series victory.

You gotta love Alex Cora, the manager on the field. And how long will it take Gabe Kapler, another good guy, to move up the managerial ranks? Kapler and his wife did great work in the domestic violence area, too.

The NBA has gay guys? We'll call him 'John'. Can you imagine 'John' in MLB? Can you imagine that gay guys can play? Wasn't that long ago when black Americans weren't good enough to play pro sports. Doc Rivers has pertinent comments in today's Globe (link not yet up at

Jon Lester underweight? Jon, just hang around some Dunkin' Donuts in your off hours and you'll be back to fightin' strength sooner than you know. Everyone in America, even the Bomber Boosters, is rooting for you.

John Farrell, new Sox pitching coach, just gives off good vibes. I wonder if he's taking Japanese lessons, too.

Is there any truth that Jeremy Jacobs is thinking of licensing the hockey team's name to Budwiser? They'll be the Boston Brewins.

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