Sunday, February 25, 2007

Marketing Synergies

The Red $ox are constantly looking for ways to exploit their marketability. And why not, with a hungry fan base demanding $ox merchandise, broadcasting, and information?

Can we help them out in their unending search for dollahs?
How long can it be before the NASCAR logo (above) is plastered on the Green Monster? Is it already there? And it doesn't take much of a stretch to imagine the Red Sox home uniforms going eighties 'Astro-esque' with the NASCAR colors.

Individual players can be 'tagged' too. Jason 'Voorhees' Varitek with a catcher's mask/goalie mask, a promo for the latest horror flick?

Daisuke Matsuzaka is all too natural as a branding aid for Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, or some Wampanoag casino in southeastern Mass. Tell me that you haven't thought about that?

Down by the Ballyard?
Everybody's gotta eat. A man's gotta feed his family. So let's get Cuckoo for Coco.

There are no ends to the possibilities.
  • A great outing by your young ace? PAP SMEARS YANKEES.
  • Your young closer puts out the fire with energy drinks. HANSEN NATURAL out of the pen.
  • Best career fielding percentage in MLB history, Mike Lowell for ORECK vacuums.
Listening marketing guys. Get on this. Time i$ money.

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