Saturday, March 03, 2007

Springtime in Paradise

Florida baseball on television, a mixed bag. The warm sunshine (for others), the splendor of the green grass, and often watching scrubs determine the outcome of games while the stars polish their iron play.

That said, can we say anything about the Sox early season action. The starting pitching, even against lower-echelon competition, has to generate optimism. Daisuke Matsuzaka had the Jim Palmer-like ability to control both sides of the plate, and his curve ball breaks down hard and is thrown in the 80s. Nice. We haven't seen much of his offspeed stuff, which some say is his best pitch. Yes, it was against college kids and we'll see what the strike zone is, but he didn't look like Gary Waslewski out there. Schilling is fine, Papelbon threw loose and easily, and 'people' say that Beckett intends to change, like Rocky IV. "I can change, you can change..."

What's the margin of the roster?

Position players:
1. Ortiz
2. Manny
3. Drew
4. Crisp
5. Pena
6. Youkilis
7. Varitek
8. Mirabelli
9. Pedroia
11. Cora
12. Lowell
13. Hinske?
14. Murphy?
AAA Kottaras

There are only 15 position players on the 40 man roster. Murphy looks as though he has been lifting, or just growing into his body. That's good. Chad Spann looks really rough at third. Hey, it's only TV, but errors still look like errors.

1. Schilling
2. Beckett
3. Matsuzaka
4. Papelbon
5. Wakefield
6. Pineiro
7. Romero
8. Timlin
9. Donnelly
10.Tavarez? Delcarmen?
11. Okajima
DL Hansen?
AAA Lester
AAA Hansack
Gone: Snyder?

Is it possible that Lester could beat out Wakefield for the 5th starter spot, or will the Sox not want to 'rely' on him?


Peter N said...

The only competion Wakes has is having Lester join him in the rotation. And for that to happen, "lights-out" Paps will have to be called on back to his closer role. But that will only happen if our 'pen does not improve, for only Mr. Donnelly has impressed. It's a long month of March. We'll see.
Hey, you have a great blog! Peter N. I write Peter's Red Sox Forever....have a great Sunday!

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