Sunday, March 18, 2007


Does Spring Training seem to be lasting forever? Do I have to keep watching Bobby Scales? Will the Sox ever score three runs in a game again?

Who's the closer? Does Devern Hansack get a chance to make the team, and can anybody see that Kyle Snyder is definitely one of the top six relievers.

Let's just look at the bullpen. Is Theo wedded to paying the high-priced spread, or is it an open competition?

Okajima is going to make it, as a lefty specialist and transitional object for Daisuke. Has to be. Donnelly makes it as the livest arm and the Ryan Duren Coke-bottle glasses lookalike. Tavarez gets a spot for versatility and payroll considerations. Does that leave three spots?

Timlin has a chance to be on the DL if he can't go 100 percent. Funny how that happens as Father Time starts participating. You'd have to figure Romero as another leading candidate, and contract issue. All this leaves Pineiro, Hansack, Snyder (no options), Delcarmen, Hansen, and the rest of the universe fighting for maybe two spots. You know the saying, "money talks and b.s. walks." The guaranteed deals may be doing the talking.

All I know is from little I've seen, Snyder belongs on the team and they'll be sorry if they dump him.

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emilio said...

My prediction: Boston Closer J.P.

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