Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Observations

NESN broadcast the Sox-Marlins from City of Palms today, so we all got a chance to judge for ourselves. And we had plenty to see.

  • Josh Beckett faces his second year in the AL and he had a very different approach. He threw his curveball more often and for strikes. He worked both sides of the dish with his fastball, including getting some tailing strikes to lefthanders. But most important, he slowed down his changeup to the point that it became a change, not a batting practice fastball.
  • Julio Lugo showed a lot of energy at shortstop.
  • Jason Varitek called a great game, but I thought he was pulling the bat through the zone, not snapping it. Sometimes you can have too much BP. Maybe I'm wrong.
  • Kevin Youkilis had a busy day scooping up balls in the dirt, and unfortunately booting one in the first inning leading to an unearned run. With 20 errors in 24 games coming into today, the Sox aren't the same defensive team as last year.
  • Orsillo and Remy were in midseason form, although the Rem-Dawg seemed a bit irascible about the length of Spring Training. Suspect that a little 'oil' will fix that squeak.
  • RemDawg had a little comment for Tina Cervasio - cryptic commentary on her thoughts about not being a fan?
  • Great segue on the Make-A-Wish program and how the kids interacted with the players.

And what's with the players wearing the red hats with the silly cutout panel on the side, while the coaching staff had the traditional blue hats. Oh, yeah, can buy either, or both at your local Sox merchandise outlet.

Great article on Daisuke Matsuzaka in the SI Baseball Preview issue. Matsu Matsu Man!

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