Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pesky Rule

Johnny Pesky has been an important part of Red Sox legend and lore for what seems like forever. He clearly offers the Sox no competitive advantage, and about fifty percent of Americans his age have significant memory loss. Even so, is MLB mean-spirited or just imitating the NFL (No Fun League) here?

So, let's consider the possibilities. Every team can have their designated 'Legend' or 'Coach du Jour' or whatever. Let's really be creative.

Somehow I don't think that even the Mets would be signing up Morganna.

We've already covered the Sox history of nepotism, allowing Marc Sullivan to be in the dugout for about five seasons if I recall. Wasn't there always somebody's kid playing 'A' ball who didn't have a prayer of making it.

We could dress up Front Office personnel's relatives as a coach, especially rich ones, and I'm sure that they'd get a kick out of hanging out with tobacco-chewing, womanizing, foul-mouthed players and coaches, the Red Sox exempted of course.

Ah, here's the rub. MLB doesn't get any MONEY FROM IT. So, define a designated coach, wearing a team uniform, except that it must be covered from head to toe with MLB logos, AND the minimum fee would be 50,000 dollars PER GAME, of which MLB would get half. BRILLIANT!

Everyone's a winner, the clubs, the rich buggers who can pony up the dough, and of course, MLB! But where does that leave Pesky? Like that really matters...

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