Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slow Start

Why the slow start in generating interest in the Red Sox? Could it be the weather, as we try to evolve from the frozen tundra into blustery March and then the warmer winds of May and June?

Yes, we have alternatives, with the ACC tournament and BC hanging on by a thread, NFL free agency and The Brady Bunch, high school hoop playoffs, and March Madness.

And also the lack of suspense. Contested jobs? How suspenseful is it to wonder whether David Murphy is on the bubble or whether Theo 'Emeril' Epstein decides Craig Hansen and Manny Delcarmen need more seasoning? Bam!

Can Lugo throw the leather once he gets to the ball? Is the chinchilla on Kevin Youkilis' face going to stay there? Did J.D. Drew see Punxatawnee Phil?

How much can we milk Matsuzaka, the Jon Lester comeback, the Curt Schilling 'contract year', and the Devern Hansack Nicaraguan fisherman story?

How long will the Pedroia Experiment be an experiment before he proves he's got the right stuff, or we hear how Alex Cora will help him ease the transition? Or is a surprise trade for Todd Helton still in the works?

After awhile, the reporters must start looking for new angles, the best bait and tackle shops in the area, the bargain hotels, the top pizza joint, and how to spend twenty-one hours a day when you aren't watching baseball in Fort Myers.

What are the players' favorite web sites? Who's their favorite investment brokerage? Which golf ball do they use?

Who's the best sportswriter in Boston? Who's the worst? Who's the most hated? Who can ink a full paragraph without using 'E'?

That's why it's better to stick to basketball this month.

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