Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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The Red Sox continued their exhibition/preseason/Spring Training campaign taking on Florida. Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched three scoreless innings against major league competition this time, as though we doubted his worth against collegians. Number 18 looks as though it may become numero uno on the knock off jersey side.

Meanwhile, the Red Sox seem to be grooming Jon Lester for another stint in the minors, although we can hope that he competes for the fifth starter spot with Tim Wakefield. That's no knock on Wake, but rather a desire for a real competition.

Of course, with forty-somethings like Curt Schilling and Wakefield, Josh Beckett only a blister away from trouble, and the vicissitudes of the rotator cuff, if Jon Lester is healthy and effective, he'll get plenty of innings in Boston in 2007.

The Fenway Fickle remain pretty concerned about Dustin Pedroia, at least as far as the diehards in my neck of the woods go. The Sox can use all the low budget success they can muster to offset the high-priced spread, so let's hope that Dustin's the one. Between the Lugo leather at short and the Pedroia Ruthian cuts, don't be surprised to see Alex Cora get plenty of defensive innings at short and spell the rookie at second.

Around the local scene, we have to wonder what's up with Ron Bore-Gas up on plagiarism charges (if everybody hates Borges so much, and if he copies other writers, should we be hating on them?). And then next year, Daddy-Oh Tom Brady will be wearing T. Brady on his uniform, to distinguish him from K. Brady, the tight end. Just when the Celtics have a lock on the ping pong balls, they go win four games in a row. That's March Madness. And then there's the Bruins, trying to get to the one and done stage of the NHL playoffs. At least we have A.D. to kick around some guys for us.

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Paul said...

Actually, Tom Brady and Kyle Brady don't have to wear their first initial on their uniforms. The NFL changed the rules last year so, unless they want to, they don't have to wear "T. Brady" or "K. Brady".