Tuesday, November 13, 2007

$how Mike the Money?

I don't have a problem with baseball players, barkeeps, or barristers taking the biggest dollar. Maybe Mom would slap me upside the head for taking less.We do have core values, however, of which honor remains one.

Players, managers, and ownership have limited loyalty to each other, so our loyalty to branding (some say laundry) may be misplaced.If the Lowells (see Greenwells, Clemens, Pedros of bygone days) want to take the biggest buck, just do it. Do we need the reiteration of unrequited love for the Hub and its fans?

Maybe Dustin Pedroia should just say, "I deserved the award, I busted my hump and gave up my body, and nobody did it better." At least that's honest.

We like Mike. If he 'needs' the recognition and the considerable difference in money available from FA, then that's his right. But it would be refreshing to hear, "I simply took the most money." That's acceptable, but we'll probable not hear it...


Fenway West said...

I agree...I think if he really wanted to stay in Boston he would have taken the 3 year deal...

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El Jefe said...

I can understand him wanting the fourth year. However, if the money is roughly the same (YO! Theo! Give him JD money!) then maybe he ought to consider staying with the winning team instead of the mess that is Da Bronx