Saturday, November 03, 2007

Post-season Potpourri: Sox and More Sports Coverage

The Sox have exercised the options on Tim Wakefield and Yoyo Julian Tavarez. At four million dollars and less for Tavarez, this makes a lot of sense, especially with the free agency for Curt Schilling.

Will the Sox pony up the big dollars for Schilling and Mike Lowell? I'd guess that lowell has a better chance of returning than Schilling, but the latter gets a debt of gratitude for helping orchestrate a pair of championships.

Terry Francona can't get an MRI? Must be the horseshoe somewhere in his anatomy. Seriously, the Sox skipper kept the team going in one direction, deals with a myriad of complex personalities and kept the issues in house. Can't imagine that Coco Crisp was wild about being replaced by Jacoby Ellsbury in the ALCS and Series, but he didn't publicly complain.

The "starting bid" on A-Rod comes in at 350 million? Obviously, the American Peso has taken a hit under the weight of the Federal Reserve but are you kidding? That's why they call these bidding wars "The Winner's Curse."

The Sports Illustrated Commemorative issue had both great pictures and some quality journalism.

Elsewhere in Boston sports, one has to note the similarity between Bobby Bowden tonight and the emperor in Star Wars. The Living Legend didn't spend any extra time in makeup pregame.

Matt Ryan may have a great arm, but he does have a certain Bledsonian habit of throwing into coverage. That worries me. Last time I heard, it's five large per season for tailgating rights at BC. Whale pants not included.

The Celtics' home opener resembled March Madness, with PGA (Pierce-Garnett-Allen) getting heroes' welcome. Rajon Rondo knocked down a couple of open jumpers, which certainly wasn't the case too often last year. Nice touch with the pregame appearance of the World Series trophy, along with Wakefield, Ellsbury, Clay Buchholz (not John Lester), and local guy Manny Delcarmen on the Red Auerbach parquet.

People think that Bill Belichick is a sore loser? Belichick ranks as the paragon of grace compared with Auerbach, whose competitiveness would be hard to match. Red would do anything to win, short of poisoning the opposition.

Ex-Patriot coach Charlie Weis got a nasty dose of Midshipmen Pride today as Navy snapped an extended losing streak, beating Notre Dame in overtime. Weis did great work here, but has a 1-8 team in a town that ran Ty Willingham out of town.

And speaking of the Patriots, there's that game in Indianapolis tomorrow. I'll argue that the Patriots' fate rests with the defense. Will Corey Dillon be making a comeback with Sammy Morris going on IR?

Best new local sportswriter? We've got a pair, with Christopher Gasper (Patriots) and Amalie Benjamin (Red Sox) both carrying more than their weight this season. Haven't seen Amalie on Globe 10.0 but Gasper was outstanding.

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El Jefe said...

And with Cash filing for free agency does that mean they'll be showing 'Return of the Beli' at Fenway every five days next year? Sure hope not.