Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Francona Rule

Bob WatsoN(Y) putting in the Francona Rule just shows how inane that MLB upper management continues to be.

MLB should concern itself with more relevant issues that affect the game, including:
  • Performance enhancing drugs (e.g. HGH)
  • Competitive balance (apparently no concern in an era of prosperity for the industry overall)

The uniform issue is particularly galling when you consider 'uniform' largely irrelevant from the days of Jose Cardenal (?) and tailored pants, Manny Ramirez wearing the pajama pants look, and the helmets of Trot Nixon and Manny, and scraggly cap look of Nixon, Timlin, and others.

Now I'm not saying that MLB should be addressing the NFL type chinstrap and towel width concerns, rather exactly the opposite. A little individuality never hurt a game filled with narcissistic millionaires.

Does whether Francona or anyone else in the league (coaches and players) wearing a pullover, game jersey, or official jacket affect the game in ANY way? Obviously, it doesn't. MLB simply chose to exert its moronic authority over Francona.

Here's my suggestion. Fans BOYCOTT MLB gear for ONE WEEK, with the intent of showing the abject clowns running this show that fans have a say. I don't think MLB wants to leave a nickel on the table, and even the hint of fan dissatisfaction with Mickey Mouse dress codes would get them to back off.

BOYCOTT MLB 'official' gear for one week. Harrumph!

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