Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gagne Gets the Benjamins

Eric Gagne agrees to a 10 million dollar contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. Let me write that down again, "Eric Gagne agrees to a 10 million dollar contract with the Brewers."

For gawd's sake Eric, rush up there, grab the first pen that writes, and sign. Get your physical, drug test, Rorschach test, Wonderlic test, or whatever.

Gagne, once one of the most feared relievers in MLB, came to the Red Sox from the Rangers, and was nothing short of abysmal. In 18 2/3 innings he allowed 26 hits, 9 walks, and an ERA of 6.75. He had no command, but pretty good velocity. He was the ants at the Red Sox 2007 picnic.

Why so much money? That's easy to explain.
  • The falling value of the US dollar (Thanks, Dr. Bernanke)
  • The high price of mediocrity
  • Milwaukee executives losing their minds
  • Mr. Gagne has incriminating photos of Brewer management?

To his credit, Gagne made no excuses, never publicly complained, and was pretty much a stand up guy through his ordeal into the lowest level of Dante's baseball hell.

What a country!

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Mark Lesses said...

The Brewers management must have been wearing rose colored glasses and have been listening to George Tenet when they made the offer they must think he's a slam dunk. Sheesh I'm in the wrong business...