Monday, March 15, 2010

AL East Predictions 2010

I won't even pretend for a second to be an objective observer of Major League Baseball. Yes, I root for laundry...and that means the Red Sox whites. I don't have anything against kelly green Sox hats, the 'pink hats', or even the silly hats with the red socks on them. But I digress.

What are others saying and projecting for the AL East in 2010?

Shockingly, Baseball Prospectus projects the Red Sox to win the division, with the World Champion Yankees third, and scoring only 845 runs. I doubt the Yankees will be third, and I'd sure like the 'over' on the 845 runs.

Cappers Picks Blog picks the Yankees first and the Sox second, and gives very long odds on either the Orioles or the Blue Jays. Very long.

Doc's Sports Service ranks the Red Sox and Yankees on par, projecting the over-under for each team at 94.5 wins. Half a win? Anyway, they make note of the Yankees' dramatic outperformance of the Pythagorean relationship (square of runs scored and runs allowed relationship) with the Yankees a herculean plus eight outperformance (call that Mariano Rivera).

A different Baseball Prospectus projection (PECOTA) picked the Yankees to outpoint the Sox in the AL East.

Dodger Sims has the Yankees winning the AL East by a full eleven games and also seems to disrespect the widespread belief that the Mariners have improved substantially.

It's a bit early to be wagering big money before all the information is in. Injuries and the unexpected can change the landscape dramatically. I've always favored Tom Tippett's DIAMOND MIND BASEBALL as far as MLB Simulation games, but I'm not sure how the game has changed in the past couple of years. What say ye, fans?

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