Sunday, March 21, 2010

Final Questions

As Spring Training winds down, there aren't so many questions, but we can examine them, such as they are.

  • Who gets the final bullpen spot?
  • Who gets the final position player spot?
  • Is David Ortiz back?
  • How long will Daisuke Matsuzaka need to catch up?
  • Will the Josh Beckett extension get done prior to the conclusion of Spring Training?
  • The most important question is whether Ryan Westmoreland can resume a normal that Sox fans extend their prayers to the young man.
Final bullpen spot. Organizations and managers always want to have that second option against left-handers. Presumably that gives Alan Embree a left leg up on the competition. Is that 'fair' to Scott Atchison? Fairness doesn't have a lot to do with MLB roster decisions. 

Final position player spot. The 'hidden agenda' there is the fate of Mike Lowell. Will Lowell accept a diminished role and contribute to a harmonious clubhouse?

Papi Tao. A rejuvenated Ortiz would go a long way toward compensating for the gone Bay, begone saga. Red Sox Nation will be rooting for Ortiz, whom some say is in great shape.

Rising Son. While Matsuzaka was a non-factor last season, he did win 18 games in 2008, although it wasn't always pretty. Tim Wakefield's strong start in Florida has rendered Daisuke's series of injuries less critical early. We know that you can't have too much pitching, as injuries always come along. 

Josh Beckett. Sox fans would love a core of Beckett, Lester, and Lackey, with some bright prospects closer in the rearview mirror than they appear. If I could grant any wish besides health to Beckett, it would be a little less mustard on his change up.

I know that we shouldn't draw too many conclusions from a Spring Training game...but are we seeing climate change or is it hurricane season already?

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