Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Five Swings: Are You Kidding Me?

The Red Sox try to extend their mini winning streak, hosting the Angels and leading 2-1 into the bottom of the 7th.

1. Tim-ber. It's Tim Bogar coaching third, right? What the hell is he thinking about? Did he think the Angels had Johnny Damon in left field. A single to left with one out, men on first and second, and Hideki Matsui has the ball in his glove BEFORE Marco Scutaro reaches third, in medium left. It's "Send Him In, Tim" and even with a bad throw, Scutaro is a dead duck. Frankly, we're early in the season, and Bogar's looked horrific coaching third.

2. Friends don't let friends hit. John Lackey worked seven strong innings, allowing only one run and two hits against his former mates. Lackey wasn't his sharpest regarding control, allowing a couple of walks, but he kept the ball down and the Angels in check. Quality start!

3. No-mas. It was Nomar Garciaparra sendoff night, as Sox management remembered Nomar for his contributions. Nomar won a couple of batting titles, and gave a high level of effort, before he effectively wore out his welcome as part of the disgruntled. His trade, leading to the key acquisitions of Orlando Cabrera and Doug Mientkiewicz turned the fates around and the Sox erased 86 years of frustration. Where was Mo Vaughn in the bosom buddies crew?

4. The Dread Pirate Roberts. Dave Roberts becomes the second Sox player in recent years to be diagnosed with lymphoma, with reported Hodgkins Disease. Roberts will live forever in Sox fans' memories as the catalyst whose steal of second helped begin the end of the Yankees in that aforementioned 2004 post-season run. He also did a credible job as a fill-in broadcaster last season during Jerry Remy's absence. He may not have been 'a natural', but he was informative and likable.

5. Four play. The Sox vaunted starting pitching staff is getting there, with Jon Lester (3.93) getting his ERA under four (remember it's earned runs allowed multiplied by nine, divided by total innings pitched). Lackey moved under 4 (3.89) with his effort tonight. Clay Buchholz (2.97) has already been toeing the line. Obviously, at 6.31, Josh Beckett has a ways to go, but nobody feels he's as bad as he's looked lately.

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