Saturday, May 08, 2010

Five Swings: Men Against Boys?

The Red Sox simply didn't get enough rain today, enough to get rid of C.C. Sabathia but not the rest of the Bronx tale.

1. Astrodirt? I've seen more turf fields with cutouts than grass fields with artificial dirt. I'm guessing that Adrian Beltre didn't just forget how to field, but rather he's struggling with the notorious Fenway infield. Is it impossible to fix this? I've read about Pedroia complaining about the field, too, but it seems like the Yankees are handling it.

2. 2 TD. At least the Sox held the Yankees to a pair of touchdowns today, but unfortunately the Sox could only muster a field goal. C.C. looked like a mere mortal today, and the Sox did get payback after he plunked Pedroia to avenge perceived iniquities.

3. Pen Pals. I have to say, I was conflicted when Scott Schoeneweis came over. Schoeneweis has had a lot of personal tragedy, and he's going to have a job somewhere, because he's lefthanded and breathing. But with an ERA at 8.76, and seeing him not really getting righthanders or lefthanders out, shouldn't we just let the left-handed thing go?

4. Walking on broken glass. You can lose a season in the first month, but if you can't beat the big dogs, should you even get off the porch. The Sox fall to 1-8 against the Rays and the Bombers, and for the most part, it's been as ugly as it feels.
The Sox have all the staying power of the bull market, with the negative plus-minus in perfect harmony with the action you're seeing on the field. "Moneyball", not lost in translation. The Yankees and the Rays ("fear the Rays") are both excellent teams, and currently the Red Sox are not. Fantasize all you want, but the energy level is low and the results congruous.

5. I before E. Was the Red Sox loss of Mark Teixeira (Mr. Double E before I) the "Tipping Point" for the decline of Red Sox civilization? Three Teixeira home runs today remind the Red Sox that THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR TALENT. Yes, "you're never as good as you look when you win or as bad as you look when you lose." Maybe it's simply an overreaction to the Red Sox inability to beat good teams. But it felt the same when the Orioles pecked the Sox' eyes out. Where's the Relief? I before E.

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