Monday, May 17, 2010

Swing and A Miss

We approach the quarter pole mark of the baseball season and harsh reality confronts us: the Red Sox, as currently constructed*, are not a contender in the American League East.

*With Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron on the Disabled List.

The Sox haven't shown the ability to compete against 'elite' competition. The Bostons lost a series apiece to Detroit and Minnesota, and have an abysmal 2-8 record against their AL East rivals, bringing their record to 4-12 (.250) against the best competition. Even if the Sox beat up on the rest (now 15-7), they (not we) have to start winning against the big dogs.

Naturally, it hasn't gotten any easier as they head to Yankee Stadium where the Bronx Bombers are pitch-slapping them (again), with the locals putting up a crooked number (5) against Daisuke Matsuzaka in the opening inning. For the Sox, David Ortiz has produced a bright spot, a solo homer...and the Sox have closed the Yankees lead to 6-5.

Almost a quarter of the season done, and the Red Sox are LAST in runs prevented. So much for the run prevention strategy. Cripes, the Sox have allowed almost TWICE as many runs as Tampa Bay. Fortunately, the Sox are fourth in runs scored, or they'd be the Baltimore Orioles.

Should Sox fans toss in the towel, become Revolution devotees, subscribe to the NBA and NFL Channels, or simply grow vegetables in the back yard?

Frankly, we're past the panic button, and the season has a more grim appearance.

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